The Journey Begins

Welcome to iM


My name is John Neilson and you are on this page because you are looking for something … something that you are excited about…. something that you have heard and seen others on the internet achieve .. and that something is an income : an income generated from some kind of activity on the internet.

Specifically Affiliate Marketing.

Shall we begin?

First of all your going to need some tools :

Hosting: I recommend D9 Hosting 

One of the best .. been with them for years and the most important thing... service : they will provide you with https (google will punish if you don’t have a secure site) and D9 knows what affiliate marketers need .. they have never failed me. Marketers such as John Thornhill swear by them as do I . 


WordPress Theme:  I recommend you purchase Optimize Press 

Optimize press has really improved over the years and if your ultimately thinking of a memberships site, go for it.

Building a bonus page can get a little complex but after you learn it you can build them quickly and you will need to build them quickly every week. 

If that is beyond your budget .. Instabuilder is one of the best page builders for a bonus  page and your going to have to have bonus pages to compete. Its a one time fee and the developer option allows you to use it on as many sites as you want.

I use Sydney theme (free) along with Instabuilder for bonus pages… 

And finally you need to follow Kevin Fahey and Brendan Mace  in Genesis


Open a separate Facebook account (dont worry they allow it … just create one with a different email address) for marketing and find a list of top IM marketers  (google it ) .  Friend as many as you can and start following the conversations… see what comments there are…  add and share when  you feel its appropriate.. remember your building  your business.. ask questions .. etc.. but always be  yourself. Join Groups as well .. to gain knowledge.

Use Google docs and take the free course….Get Productive with Google Tools”  on increasing productivity  at the Digital Lion 

I own the site and decided to make the course one that my followers could use …

Many Chat

Sign up for it now and learn the tool .. its invaluable for adding to your list .. and you need to build a list.


I use sendlane for my autoresponder but you can use Getresponse or Aweber. 


Keep track of all the launches that are taking place. You can also track Jv Zoo for launches . 

Its going to take some time to get set up but don’t worry about missing a launch.. they happen all the time.

To summarize. 

Set up your hosting and get your blog up and running and for now dont worry about content .. but see if your name is available as a domain name . Use any theme you want to set up and install Instabuilder to practice on – or if your budget allows install Omtiimze press and start practicing building bonus pages..

Special note : December 1, 2017 :

If you get on board with Kevin as a jv partner your in for a treat .. he treats his jv partners like gold 

Here’s all the links you need.

That last jv doc is what you need to create for every launch that you promote in Google docs.. take careful note!  
I would even buy the product if you can, so that when promoting it you can show proof of purchase… and provide “insider” knowledge…
Its something that you want to do for all of your promotions if you can .. purchase evaluate and then when you promote , you can be sure that its a product you believe has value for your list and your list is gold.
You have a fair amount of work to be done  so 

Shall we Begin?


John N