Finding products to promote

Why you shouldn’t look for products to promote on JVZoo ever again…..and what on earth a I taking about … ?

Let me tell you…

There’s actually a cool bit of software you can get which saves you from having to troll through the best seller lists and all the data on JVZoo to find good products to promote and trust me I have spent a ton o time looking , clicking on links back and forth .. blisters on my fingy tips..

The software I found is by a marketer who has been around for a long time.. made a few millions and writes fantastic copy as well .

The software he developed actually pinpoints instantly the best products for you to promote right now based on;

– amount of money being paid out

– conversion rates

– lowest refund rates

– highest commissions


Ok  have go but will back shortly  and finish this post… time .. where does it go all of a sudden???